Texas Court of Criminal Appeals

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals

The Court of Criminal Appeals is composed of a Presiding Judge and eight judges. This Court has statewide, final appellate jurisdiction of criminal cases and makes rules of post-trial and appellate procedure for criminal cases. Most of the cases heard by this Court are appeals from one of the 14 intermediate Courts of Appeals. An important exception is that appeals in all criminal cases in which the death penalty has been imposed are made directly from the trial court to the Court of Criminal Appeals. This Court has the authority to issue such orders as may be necessary to enforce its jurisdiction and judgments.

Number: 1 presiding judge and 8 judges.

Selection: Partisan, statewide election. Vacancies between elections filled by gubernatorial appointment with advice and consent of Senate.

Qualifications: Citizen of U.S. and of Texas; age 35 to 74; and a practicing lawyer, or lawyer and judge of court of record together, for at least 10 years.

Term: 6 years.