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Judge Eugenia “Genie” Wright for County Court at Law No. 7

Dedicated to fairness and equal justice.  In a few words, that describes Judge Eugenia “Genie” Wright.

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Judge Genie Wright

Judge Genie Wright is a graduate of the University of Iowa College of Law,  and holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Education from the University of Georgia. Before becoming a judge, she practiced family and criminal law.  She is licensed to practice law in two states.  Judge Wright is bilingual, a tremendous asset in interacting with our multicultural community.  County Court #7 handles violence cases dealing with all domestic relationships.  Since taking the bench in 2011, Judge Wright has:

  • Reduced pending cases by more than half;
  • Reduced the resolution of cases from an average of three years to less than one year;
  • Saved taxpayers millions of dollars by reducing the number of inmates in the Bexar County jail by personally presiding over jail court and closely monitoring the court’s jail population;
  • Worked closely with our probation department to monitor defendants on probation or deferred adjudication, resulting in a greater success rate for those on probation, increased monitoring of probationers and more rapid revocation for those not in compliance;
  • Worked with family violence class providers to ensure compliance in registering and maintaining attendance.

Judge Wright is a member of the San Antonio Bar and the Texas Bar.  She is active in a long list of other civic and non-profit organizations.