Judge Kelly Cross for County Probate Court No. 1

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Judge Kelly M. Cross

Judge Kelly M. Cross has a degree from the University of Louisville, a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Xavier University and her law degree from St. Mary’s University School of Law.

Admitted to practice law 26 years ago, she specialized in helping families with members who struggled with mental illness, incapacity, and abuse and exploitation of their elderly loved ones.

Since being elected in 2014 as Judge for Probate Court #1, she has brought a fresh perspective and diligent work ethic to the probate bench culminating in an efficient work flow, reduction in trial delays and an increase in mediation for conflicted cases.

In the last 3 years, Judge Cross has presided over 23,000 probate dispositions and approximately 24,000 mental health proceedings.

She supervises a staff of 7 including an Associate Judge for Mental Health, Court Investigator, Staff Attorney, and (2) Auditors.

Judge Cross was instrumental in creating the County Guardianship Program which has saved lives and reduced the cost to taxpayers from the incapacitated who use emergency resources in high volume.

Judge Cross spearheaded an audit of over 8,400 guardianship cases, closing over 6,000 cases. She has implemented a Compliance Docket to bring active guardianships in line with State law requirements. She has developed policies and procedures for reasonable fiduciary fees and mental health cases in order to ensure that the estates and rights of those who depend on this Court are protected.

Judge Kelly M. Cross
100 Dolorosa, Suite 1.23
San Antonio, Texas 78205
Probate Court No. 1
(210) 335-2670

 Pathways to Probate Court No. 1

  1. Probate of the Last Will and Testament
  2. Heirship and Administration when no will exists
  3. Small Estate Affidavit
  4. Guardianship – Incapacity – powers of attorney not working or do not exist
  5. Involuntary mental health commitment
  6. Eminent domain proceedings by a governmental agency


Resources:     Community Justice Project

Wills Clinic – Wills, Powers of Attorney and Directives to Physicians
Call: Legal Aide – (210) 212-3723

Catholic Charities – Sliding scale assistance for Guardianship
Call: (210) 293-1009

San Antonio Bar Association Attorney Referral
Call: (210) 227-8822

Probate Court No. 1
Staff Attorney – Jamie Mathis
Assistance with Small Estate Affidavit
Call: (210) 335.2647

Fort Sam Legal Department
Probate of Veteran’s Will
James Bivens, Paralegal Specialist
Call: (210) 808-0140